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Are You In Crises? You are NEVER Alone!

Pick Up the PHONE and Call Someone 24/7, they are available to you and will HELP! If you do not reach the first person, call the next – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


  • (239) 233-7251 Vincent Stephen, Veteran; U.S. Army
  • (239) 443-8795 Jay LaGace
  • (239) 745-0257 Gina Anthony, First Responder; Deputy Sheriff

“Struggling in silence is never the answer. Check on your battle buddies. Ask them if they’re really OK.”

Veterans Crisis Hotline – Military Suicide Hotline

To My Fellow Veterans

A Localized Veteran, First Responder Crises Help Network. Are you willing to offer some of your time to help a fellow Veteran, First Responder get through a crises? Can you take a phone call and offer whatever assistance may be required? Can you be a lifeline? Can you help them find another solution? If so, please check out the below link and add your Name, Phone Number and Location to the list…or contact Vincent Stephen @ (239) 233-7251 to talk about it. Together we can help. Together we may save a LIFE!