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Collier County 100 Club

The Back The Blue and Green Community supports the efforts of Collier County One Hundred Club

The mission is based on a 24-hour turn-around for approval by the (Club) Board of Directors and disbursement of money to the officer or officer’s family who will be the recipients.

Why Back The Blue And Green Supports Collier County One Hundred Club

Back The Blue

It is the mission of the Collier County One Hundred Club to provide immediate financial assistance to the Families of Fallen Police and Emergency Responders – those who serve in law enforcement, corrections, fire fighting, emergency medical (EMS) and any and all state or federal law enforcement personnel assigned to Collier County, Florida and all of Southwest Florida.

When a member of one of the agencies is killed in the line of duty his or her family is faced – in the middle of shock and grief – with financial burdens they often cannot meet. The chief or organizational leader of the fallen officer’s agency will request a “consideration” by the 100 Club Board of Directors. To hasten this request some agencies have trained and experienced liaisons charged with with quickly moving the request through channels and providing the necessary information within a short period of time.

A Special Thanks to All of Our Supporters!

We give a special thanks to the individuals, families and organizations that are supporting the Back the Blue and Green efforts. Thanks to your contributions we can continue to develop programming to do more and continue to honor the legacy of our fallen heroes.

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