Senior Services Officer, Joel Quattlebaum Largo Police Department

October 26, 2020 – First Responder of the Day

Police Officer Joel Quattlebaum

Joel Quattlebaum
Senior Services Officer
Largo Police Department

Largo Police Department

The Back The Blue And Green would like to recognize our Senior Services Officer, Joel Quattlebaum, for his initiative in bringing the #YellowDotProgram to Pinellas County Florida.

Officer Quattlebaum provided a presentation about Yellow Dot to the Pinellas County EMS Advisory Council in September of 2019. Due in large part to Officer Quattlebaum’s efforts the Pinellas County Commission approved the Yellow Dot program in December 2019.

Florida’s program calls for participants to place a yellow dot decal in the lower corner of their vehicle’s rear window. The decal tells emergency response personnel that a yellow dot folder containing medical information for the driver and/or passenger is located in the glove compartment.

The program is free to participants and is being funded by Pinellas County. As of October 20, the Yellow Dot Program has gone live in Pinellas County.

For more information, please visit

Yellow Dot Program Vial of Life Program

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