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October 24, 2020 – First Responders of the Day

Lafayette Bryant gathering with the Stamford Police Department Officers that saved his life.

Lafayette Bryant & Stamford Police Department Officers
Stamford Police Department

Today the Stamford Police were fortunate to have a visit from 40 Y/O Lafayette Bryant. Mr Bryant is a lifelong Stamford resident who was severely injured in a fireworks accident in Scalzi Park on July 2nd, 2020.

On that evening Mr Bryant’s hands suffered severe trauma from an explosion and he experienced major blood loss. (See below synopsis for additional information). Officers Landry, Becroft, Czubatyj and Speer rushed to his aid to administer life saving efforts as his niece Naykeisha Turkvan stepped up to assist. He was rushed to Stamford Hospital where he started his journey of recovery.

Chief Shaw hosted the event at Police HQ’s. Mr Bryant was joined by his wife Brandi Hunter and his niece Naykeisha Turkvan in giving thanks to the Officers who saved him.

We were quite amazed at the progress Mr Bryant had made from such a debilitating injury. What stood out the most was his humility and gratefulness to the Officers.

Mr Bryant brought notes of Thanks and Challenge coins from the “Back the Blue and Green” organization from Fort Meyers Florida. This organization came into play as retired Stamford teacher Joy Beck made a substantial donation to the group in Mr Bryant’s name. This incident was memorialized this past weekend in Florida.

With all that is going on in America it was refreshing to see such a positive outcome and uplifting experience shared with the Officers. This recognition is representative of the mutual respect the Officers and the Stamford community have for each other and what sets this City apart from other Cities in the Country.

We wish you continued success in your recovery and God Bless you and your family

Captain Diedrich Hohn

Ms. Joy Back (@joyjoy) wanted to honor those that helped her former student, Lafayette Bryant. Ms. Joy Back is a staunch supporter of the “Back The Blue And Green” and this was one way she wanted to contribute!

Ms. Back made a generous donation to the “Back The Blue And Green” in the names of the heroes that provided immediate aide to Mr. Bryant.

Vincent Stephen, Back The Blue And Green Advisory TEAM Member had this to say; “Joy is an Angel, her selflessness has made a tremendous impact on others – she is part of our family.”

Stamford Police Department

  • Captain Diedrich Hohn
  • Sergeant Charles White
  • Sergeant Jennifer Pinto
  • Police Officer Czubatyj
  • Police Officer Landry

“Captain Diedrich Hohn (25 years), along with Sergeant Charles White (32 years), Sergeant Jennifer Pinto (30 Years) and Officer Adriana Molina (20 Years) instruct the CPR/AED/TRAUMA course here at the police department.

We teach them the skills needed to perform miracles such as this and we as instructors are proud of them. We have been teaching this as a team for the last 10 years and we have had numerous saves from CPR and Narcan but nothing like this.

All Officers, except for Ofc Czubatyj (24 Years) have under four years of police experience. Ofc Landry was in the military and an Air Marshall prior to joining the force. Ofc Becroft was a chemist for 7 years and Ofc Speer attended college for Criminal Justice. Sgt Butler (24 years) was the Sergeant in command of this incident and did an excellent job coordinating efforts from protecting the scene, dealing with a rowdy crowd, and excited family members at the Hospital. All officers here are very active in the Stamford Community and have also been awarded for great performance of duties along with their community service.

Captain Diedrich Hohn”


On July 2, 2020 and at approximately 850 pm, Police Officers Speer and Czubatyj were inside Scalzi Park responding to a blue light activation when they heard two loud explosions. A short time later 911 advised that they had reports of a male injured due to a fireworks accident.

Police Officers were waved down in the area of the basketball courts to find the male, Lafayette Bryant (08/17/80), lying on the ground being treated by bystanders for severe injuries to his hands.

Numerous other officers arrived on scene and secured the area and attempted to interview witnesses but they were all reluctant to speak with officers.

While awaiting Fire and EMS, Officer Speer, Officer Czubatyj, Officer Becroft and Officer Landry took over care and used three tourniquets to stem the heavy blood loss from the injuries, which possibly saved his life as of this writing. (EMS commended officers on their actions)

They additionally hooked up an AED in case the victim went into cardiac arrest. All four Officers worked in conjunction as they were trained and Police Officer Czubatyj worked the radio and supplies as the other attended to the victims injuries.

EMS arrived and they quickly transported him to Stamford Hx. EMS commended the Officers actions which most definitely had an impact on saving his life.

Bryant was in critical condition and was transferred to Yale Hospital where he spent several weeks recovering. He has regained some movement in his hands and is driving again. He is here to tell his story and give thanks due to the above officers’ actions and poise under tremendous pressure.

Captain Diedrich Hohn
Stamford Ct Police Department

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